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by Christoph Gerlach

I love Michael Schenker, serious! I have full respect for his approach on music and life.

And I love UFO too! Even without Schenker! Well, UFO with Schenker is the best.

Michael Schenker and UFO wrote "the soundtrack of my life". I learned to play guitar myself, listened to this music many many many times, for entertainment, relaxation, meditation, compensate frustration. I traveled to see concerts, I got to know great people.

My top tracks are:

1. Rock Bottom
2. Boogie For George, Lights Out, Love To Love, Hot'N'Ready, Captain Nemo
3. Let It Roll, Natural Thing, This Kids
4. Unraveled, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Lost Horizons

And the top records:

1. Strangers In The Night (surprise...)
2. Force It
3. Rock Will Never Die
4. Phenomenon
5. Covenant

In 2000 I was lucky to see UFO with Michael Schenker three times and I was also able to take pictures at one of the concerts. You find the review of the show along with some pictures here.