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by Christoph Gerlach

UFO at Reitwein/DE on 2009-11-28

You don't know Reitwein? It's about the most hidden place in Germany in a loop of the river "Oder" at the border to Poland in the very east of Germany, about 100km east of Berlin. There are a few buildings there and surprisingly they have a concert hall "Heiratsmarkt" which would translate to "wedding market". And they have music enthusiasts who formed a club "Live in Reitwein" to organize rock concerts at their village. That way they make "famous" bands come to their hidden place in the middle of nowhere. Or to quote Phil Mogg: "You people have no place to go, no place to escape [from us]." There is a retrospect on the concert including more pictures at the club-page as well (direct link without the frameset).


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