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by Christoph Gerlach

MacMahon Changelog

2020-01-01, MacMahon 3.9

  • [Change] Amateur Dan ranks now range 1 Dan to 9 Dan (was 1 Dan to 8 Dan before).
  • [Bugfix] EGD-Connection updated to use https ->

2018-02-22, MacMahon 3.8

  • [Bugfix] MacMahon did not start with Java 9, issue #1: caused by incompatible Java API; MacMahon now uses an API available in Java 8 and Java 9.
  • [Bugfix] MacMahon did not start with Java 9, issue #2: loading MacMahon logo was causing a runtime exception; MacMahon now uses an API available in Java 8 and Java 9.
  • [Change] Online connection to EGD is now enabled by default (but will only call EGD if "Search EGD by name" is used in edit participant dialog).
  • [Misc] Java 9 deprecated some older Java 8 API; some of these calls have been replaced by a new API.
  • [Change] Updated "About MacMahon" to reflect it's 2018 already.
  • [Feature] Added default club {"de", "Heppenheim (Bergstraße)", "HP"}.
  • [Feature] In printed pairings a timestamp showing last update to the pairing of the current round will now be printed as last row. (This will allow tournament directors to see if the printout is up to date or not.)
  • [Feature] The last updated timestamp of a pairing is also shown (read only) in round menu.
  • [Feature] In printed walllists a timestamp (of printing) will now be printed as last row. (This will allow tournament directors to see if the printout is up to date or not.)
  • [Change] File format version for TournamentRound changed from 1 to 2.
  • [Decorative] Edit participant and edit pairing dialogs now have a little space between controls and the border of the dialogs.

2017-07-24, MacMahon 3.7.1

  • fixed export pairings when choosing a delimiter for columns in settings

2017-05-26, MacMahon 3.7

  • fixed a phenomenon where the first row in an txt import file with participants was ignored
  • fixed board numbers in pairing view not showing bold even if the board numbers got fixed by printing the pairing
  • added/revised a number of clubs in default club data for Germany
  • file version of tournament element changed from 8 to 9
  • it is now possible to select an import encoding in the settings from UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15 (was fixed UTF-8 before)
  • improved export statistics
  • fixed inconsistent behavior on the rounds selected for participating while setting preliminary/final participation on a participant from the context menu
  • some minor performance tweaks on the walllist
  • import participants from textfile now allows a new field after p/f (preliminary/final registration) to set which rounds will be played; 0 = not playing, 1 = playing; example: 11100 => participant plays rounds 1-3 only

2016-04-15, MacMahon 3.6

  • Minor design tweaks in make pairing dialog.
  • Some entry fields (rating, print settings, ...) have been too small to enter values unless the dialog window was resized.
  • Tournament.xmlVersion: 7 -> 8
  • New "Edit unwanted pairings" dialog allows to define unwanted or forbidden pairings. Unwanted pairings are avoided but still possible if there are no reasonable alternatives.
  • New export statistics to txt-file.
  • Load of old tur-files now also import unwanted pairings.

2016-03-03, MacMahon 3.5

Major changes:

  • ScoreX/SOS/SOSOS are now the default placement criteria when creating a new tournament (was Score/SOS/SOSOS before).
  • New popup menu in the round columns of the walllist allows to set playing/not playing in a round without opening the player's settings.
  • Hotkey to invoke searching the EGD while editing/entering an participant changed from ALT+S to CTRL-F (which is more standard to invoke finder dialogs).
  • New option to export the walllist or the pairings with a fixed (monospace) format for easy pasting of to any monospace destination. This is the new default when creating a new tournament or may be activated in the tournament export settings.
  • The pairings tab now has popup menus on all columns except the results column where the left and right mousebutton are used to rotate through the possible results; the popup menu features to edit or delete the pairing, to swap colors or - if openend on a player's column - to edit the participant.
  • New "free participants" sidebar on the pairings tab allows to select multiple free participants to be part of a pairing; this allows to create forced pairings easily. If an odd number of participants is choosen, one participant will automatically be matched with a bye. There is a tooltip available to show club/country, nationality and SOS of the participant hovered on (2 seconds delay before popup and 6 seconds until dismiss).
  • While importing participants from a txt-file, the matching of clubs is no longer case sensitive.
  • While importing participants from a txt-file, the clubname will first be matched to the names of clubs and if this fails to the egd names of clubs; only if this fails as well a new club will be created. (In MacMahon 3.4 the imported clubs have only be tried to match with the names of clubs and not with the egc names.)
  • New find participants dialog to query for participants by name. You can activate this dialog with CTRL-F.

Minor changes:

  • Added "de/Bielefeld/BI" and "de/Osnabrück/OS" to default clubs.
  • Fixing/unfixing board numbers now shows a message in the status bar how many boards were effected by the operation.
  • Bugfix: If querying the egd for a player, the club was often not applied to the player data.
  • Bugfix: Preview of fonts often caused problems in the font chooser dialog; preview is now removed.
  • Bugfix: Changing a preliminary registered player to final registration from the popup menu in the walllist will now have the same effect as in the dialog (setting all passed rounds to not playing for the effected participant).
  • The participant popup menu in the walllist is now also available on the columns place, club and level.
  • Updated org.json Library to version 20160214 (used to communicate with the EGD via the internet).
  • Opening a xml-saved tournament with a new file format will now throw an exception and recommend to update the MacMahon program.
  • Increased xmlVersion (= new xml file format) for the elements Tournament and Pairing.
  • Bugfix: For criterion SORP the column header was missing in walllist export.
  • The width of columns in the walllist and pairings tabs are increased a bit (on OS X the rank of a player did not fit into the column in some cases).
  • Bugfix: Editing a player's properties from the pairings tab could change the order of boards in the pairing; this was not updated until another event forced to sort the pairings like changing some major tournament parameters or switching to another round.
  • In the help menu an item explaining how to do forced pairings was added.
  • Fixed board numbers may be printed using a bold font on the pairings tab (optional, default: true).
  • Drag&drop of multiple selected (joker) participants in the make pairing dialog is now fully supported.
  • Make pairing now prints a message to the status bar how many pairings have been created and if they are forced pairings.
  • Added a message to the status bar after the tournament was opened.
  • The creation time of a pairing is now saved and may be viewed from the edit pairing dialog.
  • The walllist will now show a missed round by a player with grey background in the rounds column to make it more easily to check if the right players are set to miss rounds.
  • Updated externalization of strings.
  • Integrated Ukrainian translation (thanks to Volodymyr Kachanovskyi).
  • Bugfix: After importing settings from another tournament file not all consequences of overwritten settings have been refreshed.
  • Bugfix: Make/create a pairing with participants not assigned a Go level yet (possible with importing from text file) creates an error message instead of producing an internal exception without exception handling.
  • Imported participants with invalid properties (e.g. no go level) are marked with a red background in the walllist until the problem is fixed by editing the participant.
  • Link to the MacMahon page on the web is now clickable in the about dialog.

2012-02-24, MacMahon 3.4

  • Bugfix: While importing data from the EGD in the new participant dialog, the setting of "build rank by rating" was ignored and the rank was set as stored in the EGD even if the "build rank by rating" was checked.
  • Bugfix: Importing old tur-files sometimes encountered a problem with country names.
  • Integrated Spanish club data.

2011-10-31, MacMahon 3.3

  • New default club "de-Löbau" with EGD-Code "LOEB".
  • New option allows not to print the tournament title/round in the export of the walllist.
  • Tournament settings show which version was used to create and save the tournament (if MacMahon 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2 was used no information is shown).
  • Export for the EGD now uses "ISO-8859-1"-Encoding instead of "UTF-8".
  • New option to choose the encoding for pairings and walllist exports from "UTF-8" (default), "ISO-8859-1" and "ISO-8859-15". If "ISO-8859-15" is choosen, "¼" will be replaced by ",25", "½" by ",5" and "¾" by ",75".
  • New option not to show the handicap column in the pairings tab (and pairings export/printout).
  • A doubleclick on the column "Handicap" in the Pairing-Tab will now also open the edit pairing dialog.
  • Edit pairing dialog on a pairing with a BYE will now show handicap and point fields grayed to indicate better that these are not editable.
  • New option to mark the winner of a pairing with a bold font (pairings tab only, not affecting printout).
  • New option to mark missing results in the pairings tab.
  • In the walllist a shared place "(n)" is shown in light gray to clarify that the number "n" is not a individual placement (affecting walllist and printout).
  • Renamed menu item "Quit" to "Exit".
  • Bugfix: solved a display problem with some entry fields in the tournament main settings if the description has a vertical scrollbar.
  • Bugfix: Saving a file without extension converted the file and path to lowercase which also results in a "File not found exception" if the operating system is case sensitive.
  • Bugfix: After creating a tournament, switching to the pairings tab, closing the tournament and creating a new tournament, again the pairings tab was shown instead of the walllist tab.

2011-10-11, MacMahon 3.2

  • Bugfix: Calculation of SOSOS was different for missing rounds compared with MacMahon 2.xx.
  • Bugfix: There was no entry field for the nationality of a participant yet.
  • It's possible to define a default nationality in the registration tab in the tournament settings.
  • It's possible to open tur-Files saved by MacMahon 1.2 to MacMahon 2.50. Many things should work ok, but there are also some limitations. For example clubs are not imported as clubs in MacMahon 2.xx are standalone while they belong to a country in MacMahon 3. The country is imported as the nationality of a player. I recommend not to transform tur-files into xml-files as there might be a better import for tur-files in the future.
  • Export to the European Go Database will write the title of the tournament inside the EGD-Tag "EV[...]" instead of just writing it without the EGD-Tag.
  • Bugfix: SORP was not exported with the walllist to a textfile.
  • Club data from Italy is included.
  • Italian translation is up to date.
  • Added wait cursor while loading a tournament.

2011-10-06, MacMahon 3.1

  • Bugfix: Placement criterion SORP was not printed with the walllist. (On the screen walllist it was shown.)
  • New option to print the score (before the current round) in the pairings tab/print next to each player.
  • The criterion used to seed players is now choosen explicitely in the make pairing settings (SOS, SOSOS or SODOS). This choice is independent from the placement criterions choosen for the walllist.
  • Italian translation added, thanks to Andrea Partiti for doing the translation.

2011-09-15, MacMahon 3.0

  • Identical to 3.0rc2.

2011-09-13, Release of 3.0rc2

  • Import settings from another tournament does no longer import the current round number or the flag "Take current round in account".
  • Close tournament or application now asks if you want to save the current tournament.
  • It's possible to enter "Result points" in the edit dialog of a pairing. This allows to enter any integer number you want to assign the pairing with. Example: You can use this field to record the balance of won boards in a team match.
  • New placement criterion SORP = Sum Of Result Points, allowing to use the result points as a placement criterion. The winner of a pairing will have the result points added to his SORP and the loser will have it deducted. In a drawn game, the black player will have the result points added and the white player will have them deducted.
  • Tool tips have been added to the placement criteria in the tournament settings dialog to explain the various placement criteria briefly.
  • Licence added to the About-Dialog in the Help-Menu.
  • Moved Test-Menu under the Help-Menu. The test functions will remain there even after the final 3.0 release.

2011-09-06, Release of 3.0rc1

  • New option not to round down half scores if it results from a Jigo (drawn game).
  • In the title of the main window the state of "Take current round in account" is now visible by showing "Before Round n" or "After Round n".
  • All new print pairing supporting east asian languages.
  • Printing of walllist supporting east asian languages.
  • New print settings dialog to specify fonts, indentation and from which length the names should be abbreviated.
  • Well known icon included to represent the application in the taskbar etc. The icon was initially designed by Tobias Berben and redesigned by Hamsi Bui.
  • F5 shows the walllist and F6 shows the pairings (just as in the old program).

2011-09-02, Release of 3.0beta11

  • Bugfix: Beta 10 included a new bug that disallowed the addition of any new participants.

2011-09-01, Release of 3.0beta10

  • Message at the bottom of the main window will be printed in a smaller font.
  • New option to choose how the program will calculate SOS/SOSOS and SODOS for participants being matched with a BYE. It's now possible to give 0 SOS/SOSOS/SODOS for being matched with a BYE. This is useful in swiss system tournaments.
  • New option to tell the program to round down half scores to avoid half score groups.
  • Bugfix: Not playing in rounds was not restored correctly after saving and loading a tournament.

2011-08-29, Release of 3.0beta9

  • Showing levels in the walllist and the pairings is now optional.
  • Seeding of participants in one score group or for selection of the odd man can be disabled completely (random draw will result from doing this).
  • Bugfix: The border to the top group was not shown correctly in the make pairing dialog under certain circumstances. If there is no top group the text "no top group" will now be shown.
  • Settings for the seeding of participants were moved from the "top group"-tab to the main settings-tab in the make pairing dialog. The top group-tab was empty after this and was removed.
  • There is a new option to tell MacMahon how to sort players on shared ranks with the choise of rank/name/id, name/id or just the id.
  • There is a new message showing at the bottom of the main window after the tournament was saved to a file.
  • New placement criterion "ScoreX" introduced. The ScoreX is the same as Score but the player will receive 0 score points for not playing a round.
  • Preliminary registered participants may now be marked in the walllist.
  • The popup menu for participants in the walllist will now allow to change preliminary/final registration.
  • It's now possible to import all settings of a tournament from a saved tournament file.
  • Support for translation of the whole user interface supporting east asian languages too. (But it's necessary to integrate translations into the build of the application.)

2011-08-17, Release of 3.0beta3

  • Added many German go clubs with EGD-Mapping.
  • XML-Format changed for participants name (from plain text to CData) to ensure integrity even if characters like "\t" are used in the name.
  • Bugfix: Choosing the same level for upper and lower MacMahonBar didn't show all players as members of the upper MacMahonBar and resulted in a wrong calculation of the border to the top group (in auto calculation mode).
  • Bugfix: Supergroup didn't work if the upper MacMahonBar was build by rating.
  • Bugfix: Entering a new rating for a patricipant with building the rank on rating didn't build the rank if you press enter with the focus still in the rating entry field.
  • Added printing of pairings, but this does not support east asian languages yet. I will probably completely rewrite the printing of pairings in a later version.
  • Externalization of Strings to allow translation of the whole user interface.

2011-08-15, Release of 3.0beta2

  • Bugfix: Loading of a saved tournament failed if the default export delimiter "\t" was not changed to another choice before saving.
  • SaveAs: the extension ".xml" will be added to the filename if not present. For exports the extension ".txt" will be added to the filename if not present.
  • The main window will not exceed the dimensions of the screen.

2011-08-15, Release of 3.0beta1

  • Initial release of the MacMahon 3.0 software.
  • Printing of walllist, pairings or a controllist is not yet supported (but it's possible to work around using the export functions).
  • "Unwanted pairings" cannot be defined yet.
  • No internationalization yet.

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